I cannot count the number of times I've gotten stopped, particularly when I'm dressed formally, and was told that I look like Elizabeth Taylor.  Because of that, my curiosity about her and interest in her has grown.  I have some books about her and I have even acquired some items from her estate.  Strangely enough, we do share the same tastes in clothing and jewelry, and we share the same opinons and philosophies of life.  

The pictures you see below aren't of me dressed as Elizabeth.  I'm dressed as myself, in clothes I love.   These photos are, however, pictures that multiple people have expressed they thought it was actually Liz.  Some pictures are studio shots and some are candid photos at events.

Coming soon, however, will be pictures of me making more of an effort to mirror her, and a booking link to my representation.

This is actually one of Liz Taylor's hats she wore in her fabulous daily life, that I bought at auction.